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Insulation & Protection Materials

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Polyurethane Spray Material

Polyurethane spray foam system (In-situ foam) for the production of rigid foam with closed cells.

Applications include thermal insulation industrial plants, storage, tanks, containers, cargo ships, agricultural storage and all types of buildings. The system can be applied on substrate like metal, plywood and concrete.

Polythene Sheet

Polythene or polyethylene sheet is commonly used as a damp-proof membrane with over site concrete for all but severe conditions of dampness.


Rockwool fibers are inorganic and composed mainly of silica and alumina.

Rockwool is manufactured from various types of rock of predetermined chemical compositions which is melted at super high temperature in a technically advanced Cupola.


GeoTec typically made from polypropylene or polyester, geotextile fabrics come in three basic forms: woven (looks like mail bag sacking), needle punched (looks like felt), or heat bonded (looks like ironed felt).

Roof Ban

Roof Ban are used as an insulation for roof, cavity wall, floor and perimeter insulation. XPS boards can also be used as wall cladding insulation & void filling.

NeoBoard - PP

NeoBoard is made from polypropylene corrugated sheets which are constructed of two outer layers and vertical flute connecting the surfaces.

The polypropylene corrugated sheets can withstand soils and water invasion to concrete foundations and has an outstanding resistance to all chemicals existing in the soil such as acids, salts, etc. Use for Membrane, Floor Protection.

Neocell - PE

Neocell - PE is a non absorbent compressible closed cell polyethylene filler used for forming expansion joints and isolation joints in concrete, brick & block work.

Neo Cell

Joint Filler Board is use for concrete slab and wall construction protection board for pressure-sensitive layers.

Structural expansion joints in concrete slabs, basements, retaining walls and other concrete wall construction.